Federal Elections: The Art and Science of Reaching Voters

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There are a lot of similarities between converting a business prospect and a voter – closing a sale for consumers and getting that very valuable vote for voters.

In last year’s RampUp!, political advertising experts in the US discussed how they are increasingly using digital channels in their campaigns. Data plus digital has been one of the hottest topics over the last few years, both here and abroad. But how can data and digital play a role in this year’s federal elections? Read More

People Stories: ‘Living the dream’ from the court to the boardroom

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Jake Selley, ANZ Data Solutions – Team Lead


Jake SelleyJake Selley’s mantra has always been ‘livin’ the dream’. The American-born Acxiom data sales team lead was so keen on the term in his teenage years his friends now regularly post it in response to his Facebook updates. But given Jake moved to Australia five years ago, met a girl within three days, is coaching the sport he loves (basketball), lives in Sydney and works in a role he describes as ‘extraordinarily varied’ and ‘offers a lot of flexibility’, who’s to argue the point? Read More

Increasing Email Conversion Rates with List Segmentation

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List Segmentation allows you to send the right message to the right consumer at the right time. It allows you to take a broad list and create segments based on a common characteristic. By segmenting your subscribers into different subcategories, you can create a more targeted experience for them.

How should you segment your email marketing? Read More

Maintaining Your Email Marketing List

Maintaining Your Email Marketing List

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The success of your email marketing program depends on a quality list. Without proper maintenance, your list will become stagnant and stale, resulting in poor performing email campaigns.

This is a big marketing no-no. Maintain your email marketing list by following these five steps:

#1 Process Change-of-Address Notifications

People change jobs. They change names. Set up your email system to receive these address-change notifications or give the consumer a place to change their information. When you receive them, process them by continually updating your database to keep it healthy and up to date. If you aren’t continually updating your database with these changes, over time you will lose a significant percentage of your files. Read More

Writing the Perfect Email

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Strong copywriting skills take practice. Craft the perfect marketing message by following these five steps:

#1 Write to the Medium and Audience

Email, more than other marketing channels, is intimate. When you send an email to a subscriber, you’re contacting them via a very personal place – their inbox. Respect your recipients by keeping their uniqueness and interests top of mind. Read More

How to build a successful email list

How to Build a Successful Email List

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Building your email list takes time, strategy and dedication. Below are some tips to help you build a successful email list from the ground up.

#1 Use Strategic, Obvious Sign-up Locations

Sign-up forms should be in prominent location on prominent pages in your website

#2 Keep the Form Simple

Encourage email subscriptions by making it easy for visitors to get on your list. When designing your sign-up form, only ask for essential information – first name, last name and email address. Additional information can be collected later on. If you want to ask more questions, keep them relevant. Consumers will answer questions as they deem necessary for you to drive relevant content. Read More