Identity Solutions

Sometimes it’s outright fraud and deception. Other times it’s just a simple mistake. Whatever the reason, mistaken identities cost companies billions of dollars a year in lost revenue.

Mitigating fraud and data inconsistencies is critical to protecting your company’s financial performance. Our industry-leading accuracy will help you reduce losses by allowing you to identify and verify individuals. Plus, Acxiom is the only vendor that offers the ability to integrate your data with ours to generate custom authentication exams, offering an extra layer of security.

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Identity Data On Demand

Get sub-second access to real-time, comprehensive and cost-effective identity data for Australian and New Zealand consumers. Even better – you’re in complete control.

Verification and Authentication

Reduce fraud losses. Maintain regulatory compliance. Maximise profitability. Compare supplied information against robust databases, which provide a wealth of identity data to highlight possible fraud and allow real-time verification of a potential customer’s identity.

Acxiom Identity Batch Solutions

Protect sensitive consumer information, reduce fraud and improve your bottom line by verifying consumer identity when real-time access to identity data is not necessary.