Marketing Database Services

Extend audience data, simplify data management and grow customer relationships.

Acxiom enables marketers to centralise all data, both online and offline, into a central repository and make it actionable.

The ability to collect and analyse information from all sources increases customer acquisition, retention and loyalty. A single customer view provides tangible value when making strategic marketing and sales decisions. Using all of the information available across all channels and data sources results in greater customer insights and increased relevance of marketing offers.

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Data Quality & Hygiene

By delivering the most accurate data ensures that marketing maximises every potential sales opportunity and customer communication.

Data Integration

As brands engage with an ever-increasing range of media channels building a dynamic single customer view is a must enabling you to recognise customers whenever and wherever they interact with you. It’s the foundation for all customer-centric marketing initiatives and gives brands 20:20 vision of their most important marketing asset – their customers.

Customer & Prospect Databases

We build, manage and connect databases—making multidimensional insight possible. Our customisable database technology platforms underlie everything we do.