Audience Propensities

Wouldn’t it be great to know who your best customers are at any moment? Even better, to know which ones are most likely to buy so you can talk directly to them? Now you can, with Acxiom Audience Propensities.

While other big data analytics focus on what was, Audience Propensities focuses on what is likely to be. The result is more effective marketing, higher profitability and a superior customer experience.

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Mover Events

Take moving house, this triggers a number of events that require the consumer to spend a significant amount of money on products and services such as furniture, cars, renovations, utilities, insurance, home loans, credit, removalists, storage, garden and hardware. Acxiom can provide the powerful insight into knowing exactly when and where consumers are moving, so businesses can target marketing specifically to movers needs at the right time – maximising marketing ROI and sales revenue.

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Mined from a broad cross-section of data, Audience Propensities provides statistically-validated propensities for 13 industries that enable you to more scientifically select media and more efficiently reach your intended audience. Get rich insight into potential spending, in-market timing, brand affinity, media consumption and shopping behavior – all tuned to specific vertical markets.

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