Highlights for US Products Privacy Policy


 This policy applies to all of Acxiom’s U.S. information products.  To view the full U.S. Products Privacy policy, please click here.

Personal Information Collection and Use:

 Acxiom provides three types of information products:

  • Marketing products contain publicly available information, surveys and information from other information providers. These products are used by companies, political organizations and non-profit organizations in their marketing, fund-raising and customer service programs, both offline and online.
  • Directory products contain contact information from the published white and yellow pages of telephone directories and from directory assistance. These products are used by companies, political organizations, non-profit organizations, government agencies and consumers through Internet sites to search the United States for contact information.
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention products contain identifying information from public and private sources with interactive connectivity to other information providers. These products may include sensitive information such as Social Security numbers. These products are used by qualified companies in selected industries, non-profit organizations and government agencies to verify identity of consumers and to investigate suspicious transactions for fraud.
Your Choices and How to Contact Us:
  • You may request to opt out of our online advertising products as well as our marketing and directory products by completing and submitting the request form here: Opt-out Request Form. To opt out of  just our online advertising products click here. To learn more about our marketing products you may review our booklet “Understanding Acxiom’s Marketing Products” by clicking here.
  • Access to information about you in our directory and our fraud detection and prevention products will be provided in the form of a Reference Report that is available for a processing fee of $5. You may complete and submit a request form for your US Reference Information Report by clicking here. Alternatively, you may email us with questions at referencereport@acxiom.com or by calling 1-877-774-2094. After you receive your Reference Information Report, you may contact us online, by phone or in writing about correcting any inaccurate information with Acxiom and with the original source of the information.
Other Important Information:

More information about Acxiom’s certification under the European Union Safe Harbor can be found here.